I enjoy building command-line utilities to automate developments tasks. Lately, I've been getting into more web development for fun. This projects list is more or less in order of completion date.


For my masters thesis at GVSU, I built a tool to help manage engineering requirements using version control:

I am no longer actively working on this program, but many people continue to find it useful in their projects.

GR Parks

A local "civic hacking" group, Citizen Labs, started a project with the City of Grand Rapids to display parks millage dollars on a map:

We hope to be able to produce similar maps for other municipalities and exploring additional datasets.


At several jobs, we ran into the problem of needing to manage multiple Git repositories and found Git's submodules feature to be lacking. Out of this need, a new command-line utility arose:

I still use this tool nearly every day to simplify the task of closing lots of Git repositories for work. Read more on the blog.

When using Slack for communication with colleagues and friends, I found we needed a simple way to create and share memes as links to images. Few of the existing meme generators allowed hot-linking to images, so I build an API to generate memes:

Many chat bots have been written to use the API and the service continues to get around 30k image requests per day. Read more on the blog.

The Coverage Space

I try to enable test coverage in all of my projects as a gut check that new functionality has to decreased the overall coverage. To avoid storing the minimum coverage metric in each project's repository, I build an API to track code coverage metrics:

I have already started using this in most of my projects to detect when code coverage decreases. Read more on the blog.

Crowd Sorter

Create lists of items and leverage the public to help sort it:

Virtual Boombox

Discover music playing nearby:

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