Replacing Git Submodules with GitMan

Lots of languages offer dependency managers (pip, gem, npm), but in many situations, that’s not enough. Sometimes you need to:

Git Submodules

When using Git for version control, the obvious choice is to use submodules to include the source from another repository. However, in practice, submodules can often be a pain to use, as they:

And while submodules can be used to track a branch (rather than a SHA), this will:

An Alternative

GitMan avoids these issues and adds the ability to:


To install GitMan, first install Python 3 and it’s dependency manager, pip:

Then, install gitman using pip3:

$ pip3 install --upgrade gitman

Version and help information are available on the command-line

$ gitman --version
$ gitman --help

Mimicking Submodule

While GitMan, provides additional capabilities, it can also directly replace the behavior of submodules. To mimic a working tree containing a submodule:

<root>/vendor/my_dependency  # submodule at: a5fe3d...

create a gitman.yml file in the root of your working tree:

location: gitman_sources
- repo: <URL of my_dependency's repository>
  dir: my_dependency
  rev: a5fe3d
  link: vendor/my_depenendy

and run:

$ gitman install

To display the specific versions of source dependencies:

$ gitman list

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